Williston Force Portable AC UK Review – It’s not a Scam

In midsummer, temperatures are almost unbearable, especially in closed and poorly ventilated rooms. If the bedroom is under the roof or the office has neither air conditioning nor windows, it is especially bad.

How can you help yourself? You don’t always have a swimming pool nearby, and working on the computer from a pool would also be rather difficult. Nevertheless, we long for refreshment and a cool breeze. After all, no one likes to interact with their fellow human beings sweaty and with sticky skin.

So it would be ideal to get a mobile air conditioner to make the summer heat more bearable. There are now a lot of such portable air conditioners on the market, but most of them don’t deliver what they promise.

williston force portable ac

We took a closer look at the Williston Force Portable AC mobile air conditioner. Is it worth investing in this little cube?

Review & Rating

  • Very fast cooling of the flat in only 30 seconds
  • Very quiet in operation, quieter than normal air conditioners
  • Adjustable louvres. The air flow can be targeted
  • Very light and therefore mobile
  • A reputable product from the USA, not a fake
  • Solid technology in a robust housing
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • 200ml water tank (replaceable)
  • Real product – Not a fake or scam
  • Currently available with up to 55% discount


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Welcome summer cooling to go: Williston Force Portable AC review

The Williston Portable AC is a small, handy cube that creates a water curtain through which the air it draws in is purified and cooled. It is powered by a powerful rechargeable battery, which is charged via the USB cable supplied. A conventional mains adapter of any commercially available mobile phone is sufficient for this purpose.

The weight of just one kilogramme makes it easy to take along. The water tank that feeds the water module is transparent and allows you to check the water level without any effort. If the level is too low, it can be refilled easily and in a few simple steps. However, one filling (approx. 300 ml) is sufficient for several hours of operation.

The water module has a lifespan of six to eight months of operation before it needs to be replaced, so you can easily get through the summer. The replacement can easily be done by the user. No other maintenance is required.

The mobile air conditioner can be operated in three stages and delivers pleasantly cool air after about one minute, without any chemicals. What’s more, the water curtain also filters dust and other small particles out of the air.

The Williston Force Portable AC runs almost silently and is equipped with LED diodes.

Williston Force Portable AC – Reviews and Experience

The Williston Force Portable AC is ideal for anyone who needs quick cooling in a small space in the summer. It does not replace an air conditioner for the whole house, but it is a good alternative for smaller rooms. That’s why it fits well in an attic room or a small office, for example.

Thanks to the filter function of the water curtain, the unit is particularly suitable for allergy sufferers, as dust and dirt as well as pollen are filtered out of the air; the air is cleaned without chemicals and cooled at the same time. This is a multiple effect that many people wish for in summer.

Thanks to the patented Rapid Evaporative-Cooling Technology, small rooms can be cooled in minutes. The higher humidity also provides a pleasant feeling on the skin and when breathing.

The Williston Force Portable AC runs very quietly, and thanks to the unobtrusive LED lighting, it can also be used for bedrooms. But it also shows its strengths when camping or travelling in the car: efficiency with low noise emissions and low energy consumption.

The Williston Force Portable AC can also be used as a fan. This 3-in-1 function is really practical: air conditioner, air purifier and fan in one device. It is no wonder that the little cube has become so popular.

williston force portable ac test

Areas of application

The Williston Force Portable AC can be used in all relatively confined indoor spaces and will do a great job there. It is not suitable for large rooms, however, and as a portable fan (for use on buses and trains, for example) it is a little too bulky; there are smaller alternatives, but they do not have the performance and advantages of the Williston Force Portable AC.

It is ideal for camping. Almost noiseless, compact and with discreet lighting, it will cool the air pleasantly without disturbing your sleep.

Conclusion and rating

The Williston Force Portable AC is a great choice for anyone who wants a little cooling with low purchase and running costs. It is easy to use, hardly costs anything and the necessary refills are done in seconds. The supplied cable and the easy-to-understand operating instructions allow for very quick use, so that cooling can also be carried out promptly.

The manufacturer Williston is a very renowned brand from New Jersey, USA. So you don’t have to be afraid that you will be taken in by some dubious greyhound who just wants to take money out of every customer’s pocket. Williston is a company with an excellent reputation, and they certainly won’t jeopardise that reputation by selling inferior junk.

The reputation does not come from nowhere, but is the result of years of optimised and improved products that the buyers liked and enjoyed for a long time. This is a tradition that connects and is at the same time an obligation.

The fact that the price is also very reasonable is due to the high quantities that Williston can produce its air conditioners in. This means that the necessary materials can be purchased in huge quantities and the price drops – both in production and in sales. And Williston passes this price advantage on to its customers without compromising the quality in any way.


Is the Williston Force also available on Amazon.co.uk?

No, you can’t buy the mobile air conditioner on Amazon.

Buy the Williston Force air conditioner

It is recommended to purchase the Williston Force Portable AC directly from the manufacturer’s website. This offers several advantages: Imitators will not be able to offer their inferior goods via this shop, the payment data is transferred via a secure connection and the margin for middlemen is eliminated. In addition, if something is defective, the complaints process is shorter.

Delivery is free of charge, as is standard nowadays almost everywhere. Delivery to a packing station is also offered as an option. All in all, a good complete package. We can only recommend it.